Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

The type of shoes plays an essential role during a basketball match. Most of you are confused by the many options available on the market. Those of you who have flat feet should be careful when choosing basketball shoes. With that in mind, you can gain an edge in this sport. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the factors to look for when buying the best basketball sneakers for flat feet.

What are the Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation?

Here is the comparison for the best brand and Good Basketball Shoes for Flat feet.

Comparison of Flat-Footed NBA Basketball Players

Nike Air Jordan XXXII Low BG Youth Basketball Shoes

  • Available in many colors
  • Provides flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Heat and moisture can make your feet uncomfortable while playing
  • Lack of ventilation

Air Jordan XXXII Low is one of those shoes that stands out on the playing field and won’t let you melt. At first glance, it is evident that Nike has pushed its designers to the limit to create the perfect balance of innovation and elegance. Keeping the essence of the Air Jordan II and one step ahead in shoe engineering, Nike has long been one of the brightest gaming boots in the world.

Exploring new materials and technologies, Nike artisans have mastered the knitting structure by merely removing the laces from the outside while providing excellent support for your foot.

Speaking of balance and stability, the disconnected Zoom Air depreciation from XXXII was more convenient than Zoom Air over the entire length of the previous XXXI. With the new Flyknit material, these shoes adapt to your feet more effectively, leaving no room for internal slippage. However, thanks to several layers, the Air Jordan 32 is not the most breathable pair of shoes, but this type of Flyknit fabric remains one of the best and is a big step in the right direction and a Basketball shoe for outdoor use.

What People are saying about this?

Many were quite happy with the shoes. Overall, people appreciated the convenience of shoes. Few people have encountered a significant problem. They feel that the size of their order is different and does not fit. Another issue that people face is humidity. Due to the lack of ventilation in the design, some people do not find it comfortable to wear for long hours.

Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

  • You can insert custom orthotics
  • Breathable midfoot support
  • Pure rubber outsole
  • Very hard to find
  • Expensive

For those who love the look and performance, Air Overplay IX may be the most stylish pair on our list. They come in dark black or wolf color in a mixture of red, white, dark blue, pink, or citrus, offering a contemporary look, but not too expensive. They quickly achieve a good look with any combination – shorts, tracksuit, or even jeans.

Air Overplay IX is one of those pairs that feel great right out of the box. In addition to the ankle and arch support, we were pleased to learn that Nike Air technology had used on the encapsulated heel. For anyone with flat feet, this means lightweight shock absorption and less discomfort, if any, during the match. The Nike Air Unit offers many hours of play without damaging joints or five.

Although they made of light and breathable materials, light rain or moist grass will not absorb your socks. It is also possible to remove the thin layer of the main gasket and insert unique orthopedic products for maximum comfort. They are true to their size and perfect. Air Overplay IX is fully capable of providing you with the Achilles support you need for many hours of play without any discomfort or blistering.

What People are saying about this?

Many buyers praised the quality. They also think the price was reasonable. Customers also like the style of the shoe and very little or no complaint about the size. The shoe was particularly comfortable for people with flat feet. There were a few shoppers who also recommended other types of shoes, such as Adidas, Puma, and many more. It is a good shoe for women with flat feet and for a workout.

ASICS Gel-Spotlyte-U

  • High-quality cushion
  • Lack of space for toes

The GEL-Spotlyte ASICS basketball sneakers have seduced those who still appreciate the classic 80s atmosphere. Due to its thick construction and retro appearance, this pair of bad guys have a clear resemblance to the original model, released in 1992 with several improvements.

They look solid, and frankly, they are. However, at the same time, these are very comfortable and provide excellent bone support, which is highly appreciated by those who have severe flat feet. And in case you need extra help for the middle part of the foot, make sure you don’t have thick soles because the stuffing of the tongue has already been wrap, so not so much in return. You may be pleased to know that the soft collar and reed have redone to provide maximum ankle protection on the ground and reliable support when you need it. It is the best Asics for severs.

What we particularly liked about it was the soft microfiber lining and the high-quality pillow insole that made you feel that you were wearing comfortable socks with substantial-high arch support. It is the most supportive, comfortable, perfect and recommended shoes to wear for fallen arches.

What People are saying about this?

The buyer’s opinion was generally positive. Most customers were satisfied with his soft stone. The smooth stone helps people with flat feet and makes their game effective. Few buyers complain that it was too narrow. The rest were happy because it was convenient and profitable.

AND 1 Men’s Downtown Basketball Shoe

  • You can add your custom foot-padding
  • They are quite tight, warm and cozy
  • Have a turbulent past

AND1 Downtown is one of the lightest basketball sneakers on the market. It is one of the easy-to-wear and cool things that you had in all your cool kids when you were a kid. Check our latest article about Best Basketball Shoes for kids. Besides, if you are not a fan of various shoe colors these days, you will appreciate the simplicity of the black and white color pattern.

Although they do not have exclusive ankle support, there is a feeding strap that compensates for increased locking and overall adjustment. The soft, breathable top design is gorgeous, and you’ll find comfortable to wear even after a long game. Being enjoyable, warm, tight enough, and neat, these are perfect in all possible ways.

And1 is a rich past that we will not discuss in this regard. We are just happy to find another well-built couple that certainly lived up to our expectations. Downtown is a high sports sneaker, created for a full response to the leg when it bends and has a shape that fits well and accurately.

What People are saying about this?

Customer feedback was generally positive. The best they have found is that it offers excellent support, especially for people with bad feet. Few people complain that this is not suitable, and few also mention that quality would not be enough.

Buying Guide For Basketball Shoes Flat Feet

Ankle Coverage

When playing basketball, most basketball players require extra ankle coverage. A basketball player indeed has ankle injuries because he doesn’t have the right shoes. Most importantly, for flat feet, this factor needs more attention. The basketball shoes you need to buy for flat feet are shoes that cover the ankle.

Right Fit

As with the ankle joint, appropriate constriction is an important consideration. It would be best if you made sure that the basketball shoe fits your socks and wears them before you buy them. In most cases, the hardest part is to buy shoes online. However, once you know the exact size of your foot, it will not be a difficult task for you.


Another element that needs to be completed in the form of basketball shoes you choose and all other players are looking for a stylish pair. However, this should be less important than quality, material, and comfort. In this case, choose a brand that gives style and durability. The product mentioned above, the promotion of well-known brands, meets both conditions.


Basketball is a high-intensity game that requires energetic jumping and running. Therefore, during a jump or jump, your leg may suffer from tension and constant bumps. The pillow is dense for all players, regardless of skill level. Like various basketball players, there are many redemption systems. In this respect, each brand uses different pillows to improve the gaming experience.


If you want to slip and drop while playing basketball, you need to buy high-pull shoes. To this end, various brands make extra efforts to meet the requirements of basketball players. Pulling is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing basketball shoes on flat feet. Traction can improve or disrupt your basketball performance. Therefore, to avoid regret, check the traction of your basketball shoe.


Of course, whenever we buy a product, the buyer monitors the price and brand. The high cost of the product also does not mean that it is of high quality, and the same applies to basketball shoes. Therefore, you do not always need to choose expensive shoes. You can also find cheap basketball shoes instead.


After all, we hope that this article clarifies your confusion about basketball shoes. However, as mentioned above, the quality of the shoes will predict your characteristics; Don’t worry if your legs are straight. For some reason, the best-cushioned basketball shoes for bad knees and plantar fasciitis will solve your problem and provide wide feet arch support.