Today, unhealthy lifestyles can be relegated and substituted for a much healthier life with all the wearables for fitness out there.

However, consistency and effort are fundamental when it comes to achieving good physical improvement.

Also, setting up progressive and realistic goals is the key, and luckily, technology plays a big role in this matter and it can be your best ally.

Especially, basketball training with electronic and interactive devices will help you control your health, performance and will make your training more advance as it will show you all the data you need to improve fast.

Unfortunately, some people still overlook what wearables can do for them.

But … why do I have to use basketball wearables for training basketball?

Basketball wearable technology is designed to improve your game, gain abilities faster than your peers and take your basketball game to the next level quickly.

Additionally, you, as most basketball players are not achieving their true potential, but with wearables, you will:

  • KNOW EVERY TIME YOU HAVE A DECOMPENSATION and monitor your capabilities (endurance, strength mobility).
  • HAVE YOUR PERFORMANCE UNDER CONTROL because wearables will give you exact data of your training sessions by daily monitoring the exercise performed.
  • BE AWARE OF YOUR HEALTH DURING TRAINING as many physical data will be collected, and these devices will give you suggestions adapted to your physical conditions.
  • REINFORCE YOUR PERFORMANCE GOALS because measuring all your performance data is the first step to improve it.
  • HAVE REAL-TIME DATA. They offer a quick diagnosis of health status since they monitor various health variables of users.

So, with basketball wearables YOU HAVE A BIGGER CHANCE TO IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE AND DEFEAT YOUR COMPETITORS by measuring and controlling all aspects of the game.


Obviously, it can be prevented and we will show you our best picks regarding basketball wearables.


There are many small, light and high-quality wearables to improve your basketball performance and add more value to your life.

And this review will facilitate the selection process for you to save your time and money.


There are specific wearables for basketball, unfortunately, most of them are not currently available at Amazon such as the Blast Basketball Replay or The ShotTracker.

As soon as they are available, we will include them in the review!


Most sports wearables for basketball are quite affordable, and the benefits they offer are enormous!

Particularly, with Vert Wearable Jump, all the movements you make with your legs are registered and qualified.

In fact, every time you jump, you’ll have fresh data to evaluate your performance.

And you won’t only measure your own performance, you can even make reports of the performance of a whole team if you’re the coach.

And now this technology is at your fingertips!

  • More than 450 universities and professional teams around the world USE this technology.
  • It’s especially good for IMPROVING your techniques at jumping since it measures the landing strength and the load on your legs to prevent injuries.
  • Vert Wearable Jump is made in the USA with the BEST materials: hard plastic, lithium batteries and a bright LED screen.
  • It includes the device, its strap, clips, chargers and you can download the app in the Apple App Store easily.
  • And it weighs just 0.05 pounds.

So, this is PERFECT for basketball players who takes seriously their training.

And compared to other similar products, it has more functionalities.


This is the best choice for most people looking to improve their performance without taking the risk of buying the wrong product.

Wilson is one of the best brands for basketball, and this Wilson ball is the FIRST SMART BALL that records data, while you are on the court.

In fact, with this ball you can have all your records through any IOS or Android device.

…and all your shots will be tracked!

  • You’ll have a deeper connection and interaction to the game with this new ShotTracker technology.
  • All your statistics will be reflected in the ShotTracker app on your mobile phone.
  • With this ball you’ll have all the data of your performance in its 4 modalities: Free-range, free-throw, buzzer-beater and game time.

In sum, its sensor monitors your performance and transmits all the information to the processor that analyzes it and sends it via Bluetooth to the app installed on the phone.

It’s extremely fast and reliable and you’ll analyze your performance like never before.

And there’s no similar product in basketball right now!

So, you would be getting a unique product to improve your performance fast.


Smartwatches are wearables with many functionalities, and for basketball, they will monitor your performance, collecting your physical information and displaying it.  

They make your life EASIER and they are particularly good for basketball.

In fact, they all have features such as stopwatch, blood pressure, step counter, sedentary reminder, heart rate, pedometer, among others.

All these capabilities will help you measure your physical performance during your training, monitoring the most important traits of your health.

… And here you have a couple of smartwatches that are pretty useful for basketball training due to their toughness and their focus on sports.


This smartwatch from Apple analyzes your performance and collects your physical data.

It can even detect the trajectory of the ball, its acceleration and give you feedback to improve your performance.

Additionally, with the Apple Watch, you’ll have:

  • Features like heart rate sensor, calories burned, distance traveled, accelerometer, etc.
  • A SHOCK-RESISTANT watch that you can use without any worries on the court.
  • The MOST RECOGNIZED BRAND on the market on your wrist, with the same functionalities as any other fitness device.

So, this smartwatch is a safe bet to measure basic functionalities during your basketball training.

And even if this smartwatch is obviously more expensive than its competitors, all the features you’ll get are priceless.


The Fitbit Versa Special Edition is a smartwatch that keeps track of all your performance as a basketball player and it measures your fitness performance while training.

This watch is more expensive than most of its competitors, however its functionalities are only comparable to high-end watches such as the Apple Watch.

That’s why it is on this list!

  • It will measure your heart rate 24/7, the number of calories burned or your active minutes, among many other characteristics.
  • Fitbit is an established brand for fitness activities, which guarantees its good performance.
  • It is shock-resistant and has all the applications required for the sport, and despite having a cost of almost $200.
  • it is quite accessible compared to other smartwatches with functionalities not necessarily related to sport and basketball.
  • It’s compatible with iOS and Android.
  • It has anti-scratch high hardness tempered glass to resists the challenges of the court.


All these basketball wearables , or with basketball functionalities will help you increase your performance as an athlete.

Their characteristics will give you all the data you need to immediately improve your performance and even exceed your competitors on the court.

And these wearables, despite being relatively new, offer great advantages and they are customizable to meet your needs.

Besides, there are many third-party apps to add more functionalities, collect more data, and also, give you advice for training.

Finally, measuring and recording everything we do is essential, especially when it comes to achieving our goals in the court.

Take advantage of all the benefits that technology puts at your disposal to improve your health and game!